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Meet miriam

Miriam Sandkuhler is an Amazon #1 best selling author and founder of Property Mavens - a property advisory firm based in Melbourne.

Miriam’s specialty is identifying high-performing investment property and strategically building a client’s portfolio with high capital and income growth assets.

Unlike most ‘Property Advisors’, Miriam is an Accredited Property Investment Advisor (PIAA), Licensed Estate Agent, REIV member and award nominated Buyer Agent, with fourteen years of real estate experience in two states.

As the founding Director of Property Mavens, Miriam brings her experience buying and selling millions of dollars’ worth of property and identifying growth drivers to her independent advice.

When sourcing and buying investment grade properties in Melbourne and regional Victoria, Miriam ensures her clients won’t be misled by agents, spruikers or project marketers and they have the benefit of her evidence based approach, so that their assets outperform the market.

Miriam is a passionate advocate of fair play for all and complete accountability and transparency in the real estate industry. She has a strong track record helping investors and home buyers, believing education is the key to empowering people on their journey to achieving their goals.

Having worked in this rough and tumble male dominated property industry for more than a decade, Miriam knows how to negotiate hard to get the right deal for her clients, ensuring they never overpay for a property. This has proved particularly attractive for her female clients with their desire to build a portfolio and become financially independent.



Buying property means spending hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars, so you don’t want to make a mistake!

That’s where I come in. It’s NOT a real estate agents job to ensure you buy or invest well - they work for the vendor - but it’s my job to help ensure your next property purchase is right for you.

I am passionate about helping clients achieve their dreams of financial independence, by building wealth through property investment. And I love to share my knowledge and skills as an Accredited Property Investment Advisor and Licensed Buyer and Vendor Advocate with those who will benefit from my expertise. After all, one mistake could cost you tens of thousands of dollars or you could be misled or deceived in the buying process - yet buyers unknowingly do this every day!

Most people wouldn’t attend a court matter without legal representation and they certainly wouldn’t ask the prosecutor for advice on their matter. Yet this is effectively what happens every day when buyers seek advice from the selling agent, and don’t have someone independent and unbiased representing their best interests.

This is where engaging a Licensed Buyer Advocate (or Buyer Agent) makes all the difference to the buyer. So, if you are time poor, confused about what to buy and where, don’t know who to trust or just can’t get a handle on pricing or the auction process, I can help you tailor a plan to secure the right property, at the right price, that will enable you to achieve your dreams.

If you are serious about achieving your dreams of financial independence, or if you simply want more financial control, and security in your life, then let’s talk …

Here’s how i work


We meet at no charge to you


STEP 1: We meet to discuss goals and strategy. Questions are welcome and I explain my service offering and which option will best match your needs. Everything is upfront and transparent – always!

STEP 2: If after our consultation you would like to engage my services to act as your Buyer Agent and/or Accredited Property Investment Advisor, we get the paperwork underway and we are off and running.

Free consultation with a Property Advisor


With a background in the financial services industry, it was purchasing her first property at age 23 which set Miriam Sandkuhler on the path to property prosperity.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. By making some costly but enlightening mistakes, which taught her more than any seminar, Miriam has built a unique breadth of knowledge which she now shares with corporate, SMSF and individual investors via her firm Property Mavens Miriam has turned a weakness into her key strength; by learning the hard way what an ‘investment grade’ property is, she can teach you to see through the common pitfalls that hoodwink even the best of us.

An Accredited Property Investment Advisor (PIAA), Licensed Estate Agent, REIV member and award nominated Buyer Agent, Miriam walks her talk. With nearly 20 years of professional real estate experience in two different states, and having sold and bought many millions of dollars’ worth of property for clients, Miriam is well-versed at what makes a high-performing investment-grade property, and how to strategically build a sustainable and prosperous property portfolio.

Miriam’s Amazon #1 best selling book, Property Prosperity, is essential reading for anyone wanting clear, accessible advice on property investment in Australia. Packed with case studies, exercises and real-life experience and examples, Property Prosperity truly means everyone can benefit from Miriam’s extensive experience.



Speaker and Presenter

Miriam’s book Property Prosperity is available as a Property Advice Course for the Financial Planning, Accounting and Mortgage broking industries.

Miriam is available for speaking engagements and workshop presentations.


Phone: 03) 9988 2266
Email: miriam@propertymavens.com.au


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